Practical and versatile: The bicycle luggage racks for a stress-free transportation solution.

In everyday life and during bike tours, storage space on the bicycle can quickly become limited. The groceries may be too big for the backpack, or the planned luggage for the excursion might be too much. The selection and combination of rear and front luggage racks allow for a high load capacity while relieving the strain on the back. The balanced weight distribution on both sides of the rear rack ensures good balance during the ride and evenly distributes the load on the rack.

What types of luggage racks are available in the shop?

We offer luggage racks for various types of bicycles and tire sizes. This includes narrow and minimalist rear luggage racks for 26- and 28-inch bicycles, as well as front luggage racks for 28-inch bicycles and the Brompton folding bike. Additionally, our range includes the bag carrier for the Bullitt cargo bike. These racks are made of stainless steel or steel, ensuring low weight while their design is kept minimal. They blend in discreetly and stylishly with the overall look of the bicycle.

While rear racks allow for side attachment of bicycle panniers, a front rack also provides a platform where a handlebar bag can be placed, offering additional support to the bag. All our front racks are compatible with the FSX standard system, which allows for the transportation of BOTE and GANOVE bike bags without the need for plastic attachments on the luggage rack. Additionally, we offer accessories such as lights and ratchet straps, as well as complete sets for your convenience.

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Rear racks!

rear wheel racks

In everyday life and on bike tours, the storage space on the bike can quickly become tight. It's a little too big for the backpack or for the shopping Baggage planned for the excursion is too much. The selection and combination of rear and front luggage racks enables a high load and at the same time relieves the back. The balanced weight distribution on both sides of the rear wheel carrier ensures a good balance while driving and loads the carrier evenly.

Front racks.

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Front luggage racks are a useful addition to a rear wheel carrier, as they create additional transport options on the bike. They also ensure a good balance of the bike. It is ideally suited for supporting large handlebar or front pockets. In addition, the luggage always remains in view. The design of our front luggage rack is reduced to a minimum, so that the rack is barely noticeable and stylishly integrated into the overall appearance of your bike. You will also find matching straps in this category. They might secure the load which avails you to transport cardboard boxes or small boxes.



A cargo bike offers plenty of storage space and is also an excellent replacement for a car in urban areas. Whether for the family outing, the pet or just transporting loads; With the right luggage rack, your cargo bike will meet your individual needs.



Lashing straps are an essential accessory for transporting stuff on a bike. They offer a quick and safe way to secure items. Our straps are made from high-quality materials and were specially designed for use on bicycles. They feature a robust locking system that ensures the load stays tight and secure on the bike, even while riding on rough terrain or in strong winds. With our tension belts, you can comfortably transport small to medium-sized loads on your bike without compromising on safety.