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Tensioning straps for cyclists!

We have our STRAP series for sustainable and stylish transport on your bike rack, cargo bike or e-bike.

Use our tension straps and enjoy long-lasting, high quality as well as well thought-out details.

Why is load securing important?

Improperly secured cargo can endanger not only cyclists themselves, but also other road users.
In addition, falling objects can hinder traffic and lead to accidents. Be careful and secure your load!



The small lashing assistants

The small lashing straps became famous and well-known as banana holders for bicycle enthusiasts.
In everyday life, they turn out to be ideal holders for gloves, rain jacket or spare tube.
A MINI STRAP doesn't think in categories and loves all cyclists.
No matter whether if mtb, e-bike, cargo bike, folding bike or kids bike - your souvenir will be withyou!!


the thoughtful lashing strap!

A tension belt for cyclists, developed by authentic everyday cyclists.
The result is a high-quality and well-thought-out selection of lashing straps.
In addition to bright colors, the belt system shines with paint-protecting belt buckles.
Each strap is made by hand in Berlin and packaged with love.