Cycling bags.

The bags you'll love.

We offer bicycle bags for various purposes. Whether it's transporting groceries, travel luggage, or a laptop, we have bags to suit your needs. Our bags are made from recycled materials such as truck tarpaulin, canvas, and recycled plastic, giving them a unique character. In selecting materials, we have consciously ensured that the bags are waterproof and highly durable for their intended use. This makes them ideal for commuting to the office or embarking on extended bike trips.


Pannier bags.


Pannier bags are an excellent accompaniment for commuting to work, shopping or luggage for a bike trip. We have bags for front and rear wheel carriers. Attached to the luggage rack, they offer plenty of storage space and are easily accessible. Our pannier bags are made from materials such as truck tarpaulins and tarpaulin fabrics, which gives our unique pieces a unique look and makes them robust and waterproof.

Hip bags.

Small but smart

Many of us get out for a quick ride, with 'as less' as possible. Similar to fannypacks, we store our neccassaries in the little "Komplize" [Accomplice]. Whether on your hip, shoulder or even attached to the frame. Great partner for smart minimaltists.


Transformer - backpack between back and rack.

Our Bote is made to use as a backpack but you can also place it on the FAHRER front rack to keep it in your view. The designs of the boat-cover-options or tarpaulin-Unique pieces for sure complete your individual outfit and style.

Cargo-bike bags.

Your cargospace for YOUR Cargobike.

You transport boxes on your loadbed? - Then you propably won't need these cases, for any other individual cargo-solutions, you look for a FAHRER-BULLITT - Add-on might be your favourite.

E-bike bags.

Our answer for E-Bike specific packaging-issues

Sorry Luggage! - These bags are made for bike and it's accessories, not for you. Cause especially the sensitive parts like battery and electronics need a little bit of extra-attention.

Direct mount bags.

Frame bags with the little extra kick

The hybrid bags for cycling, festival, and all the opportunities of spontanious extra needed space. Compact and waterresistant - Made under High quality-standarts they ensure a long life, even under hard condistions.