DISPLAY WALLET bag for e-bike displays

e-bike display protection bag

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Protective bag for e-bike displays

Our small protective bag is a real all-rounder in terms of bike accessories and bike accessories. If the e-bike on-board computer is removed from the e-bike when not in use, it can be stored in no time in the padded neoprene bag and is reliably protected from dust and scratches. Intended as a protective cover for e-bike displays, the bag can of course also be used for all other detachable devices. 

The DISPLAY WALLET consists of two separate compartments. Each compartment is closed by a smooth-running zipper. In the main compartment an extra soft microfiber cloth is sewn in, so that you can polish up your display at any time. If you wrap your display in it, the cloth even provides additional padding. 

Small belongings like keys, snacks, money or credit cards can be stored in the second compartment.

The bag also has a small external loop. You can easily attach the wallet to a carabiner on your backpack or a belt loop and always have it close at hand. 


  • handy, padded neoprene bag with two separate compartments
  • suitable for carrying detachable e-bike displays or board computers
  • two-sided, smooth-running zipper
  • with integrated microfiber cloth
  • size: 16 x 11 cm (maximum fit e.g. for Bosch Nyon)
  • material: 4 mm thick water-repellent and shock-resistant neoprene with soft inner lining
  • weight: 42 grams light
  • Made in cooperation with workshops for people with disabilities. 

Note: Carabiner is not included.


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