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The FAHRER Motor Cover is a quality product made to protect the motor of an e-bike during bike transport on the roof or on hitch / back door mounted carriers.

If you want to take your e-bike with you on holiday, it is often transported on or in a vehicle. Fastened to the roof or rear rack, the bike is exposed to driving rain and turbulent water while driving, which can penetrate the engine due to the high impact pressure on the housing.

The MOTOR COVER PREMIUM, made from high-quality, elastic neoprene, protects the motor of your e-bike from the effects of the weather during transport, such as driving rain and stone chips. This ensures the long-term operability of the engine. The elastic material of the COVERS allows a precise adjustment to mid-engines from different manufacturers:


  • The Motor Cover is a transport protection and has to be taken off before riding the bike.
  • The Motor Cover is not made to keep the motor housing dry as water like rain and bike wash doesn't cause damage either. The holes in the cover bottom drain entering rain water
  • If cleaning is necessary, we recommend hand washing with a mild soap.


  • suitable for any e-bike with center motor like BOSCH, SHIMANO, IMPULSE, YAMAHA, BROSE, TranzX and PANASONIC
  • can be adaptobleed to individual frame and motor geometry.
  • correctly mounted it fits tightly to your motor and frame and doesn‘t cause scratches like loose bags in the airstream while driving.
  • The Motor Cover is a transport protection (has to be taken off before riding the bike)
  • not made to keep the motor housing dry
  • Fabric: high quality neoprene
  • Easy to mount
  • Variable pedal position possible, left or right to the front and approx. 45 degrees up or down to adapt to the rear carrier
  • Fits all E-bikes with centre motor like BOSCH, SHIMANO, IMPULSE, YAMAHA, BROSE, TranzX and PANASONIC.
  • Designed in Berlin and made in EU


Place the MOTORCOVER on the motor from the chain/toothed belt side with the Velcro fasteners open. Place the large tab around the bottom of the engine and fold over to the opposite side of the engine. Fix the flap with the Velcro fasteners. Finally, thread the upper flap with the driver's logo between the frame down tube and the motor, pull tight and close with the Velcro fastener.


(This product is protected by a registered property right at the German Patent and Trademark Office.)

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