DECK - Bullitt loadbed tarpaulin

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DECK - lightweight BULLITT loadbed tarp

Don't want to have homemade loadbed solutions on your BULLITT? Your BULLITT should not carry any unnecessary extra weight through the base plate? The solution is our DECK!

The "DECK" is the easy-to-install and practical loadbed tarpaulin for the BULLITT cargo bicycle. In combination with the BOWL the lightest loading board solution is perfect for everyday use.

Perfectly suited for loads such as boxes or bags that are distributed over a large area, the BULLITT's load can then be fully used. Point loads that press between the floor beams should be avoided. If the loading area is to be used as a step, only step on the floor beams and not in between.


FAHRER Berlin PVC free

  • rugged truck tarpaulin (PVC-free)
  • weight: 390 g
  • easy to mount
  • designed and handmade in Berlin


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