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Protection Cover fits to YAMAHA PW-series frame battery

Using an e-bike has many advantages. It provides reliable support when starting off on a hill or driving through town. As reliable and resilient as the system is, it should be given some care and protection. In the cold season, the low temperatures can reduce the range of the e-bike battery. Our BATTERY COVER extends the performance of the YAMAHA PW series frame battery on cool days and effectively protects against dirt and stone chips. The protective cover, made of high-quality, elastic neoprene, is easy to assemble and ideally adapts to the shape of the battery.

The neoprene ensures that the operating temperature of the battery is maintained, which means that the range of the e-bike can be increased even on cool days. The protective cover also functions as a practical transport protection for the battery when it is removed from the frame. The power button and charge level indicator are still accessible through the cut-outs on the side of the case. The connection contacts can then be protected with the ELECTRIC CAP when the battery is removed.


The battery should be stored at room temperature and only inserted into the e-bike shortly before the start of the journey.


  • Protection against coldness avoids less capacity during the colder months .
  • Protection from the elements
  • Shock-protection, scratch-protection
  • Elegant and smart design


  • Cut-outs for power button and charge indicator
  • Fabric: high quality 4,5mm neoprene
  • Color: black
  • Designed and made in cooperation with sheltered workshops in Berlin

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