AKKU COVER Bosch Classic+ rack battery

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The Protection Cover fits BOSCH PowerPack 300 & 400 Classic+ luggage rack battery


The positive aspects of the support of the e-bike motor cannot be denied, both in everyday life and on bike tours. You can get to the office quickly and without breaking a sweat or you can reach longer distances on tours with a fully loaded bike. The battery is constantly exposed to the weather. When driving on days with low temperatures, e.g. in winter, the range of the e-bike battery can be reduced because its self-discharge increases.

Our AKKU COVER Bosch Classic+ luggage rack is suitable for luggage rack batteries of the type BOSCH PowerPack 300/400. The protective cover made of high-quality, elastic neoprene is placed around the battery and fastened with industrial Velcro. It encases the battery and thus ensures that the operating temperature is maintained, which means that a longer range is achieved with the e-bike even on cool days. In addition, the cover has a double purpose - when the battery is removed, it also serves as transport protection and prevents annoying scratches and damage.

The AKKU COVER Bosch Classic+ luggage rack is easy to assemble and easily adapts to the shape of the battery. In addition, the protective cover blends in with the look of the e-bike, thanks to its subtle and timeless design.


The battery should be stored at room temperature and only inserted into the e-bike shortly before the start of the journey.


  • Maintaining the battery's operating temperature on cool days
  • weather protection
  • Impact and scratch protection
  • Suitable for the luggage rack battery BOSCH PowerPack Classic+ 300 & 400


  • Material: lined neoprene (4.5 mm thick)
  • Color: Black
  • Designed and manufactured in cooperation with sheltered workshops in Berlin

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