HÜLSE - Chainguard

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The "HUELSE" - another kind of chainguard

Our "Hülse" [engl: 'capsule'] is a chain guard that protects your trousers from the chain's oil film. It also protects the chain from spray water from the rear wheel, so that chain care is reduced. The SLEEVE consists of a short piece of plastic tube, which is flexibly attached to the chainstay next to the rear wheel with a strap. The tube floats on the chain and moves sideways with it, which is why it is ideal for use on bicycles and e-bikes with derailleur and hub gears.

With a weight of only 22 g, the overall result is optimal pants and chain protection without impairing the look of the bike too much. Our LATZ URBAN, which we offer in our shop, offers protection against splashing water from the front wheel.


  • Effective protection for pants and chain
  • Reduces chain maintenance
  • Weigt of only 22g
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Length: approx. 25 cm
  • Weight: about 22g

We would like to thank the bicycle shop Velociped in Switzerland for the idea for this product.

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