BAND boat cover - different colours

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/ Item number 2023

Trouser strap for more safety and protection when riding a bike

The individual BAND for cycling. His job: Avoid conflicts between trouserleg and bike. Each legband is unique. In the dark it will reflect the light - good for a long and busy life in the streets. Handmade & designed in Berlin in cooperation with sheltered workshops.

Our BAND keeps the pant leg together at the bottom, preventing it from getting dirty, catching on the chain, and preventing you from falling. In addition, each pair of trousers has a reflective strip. This improves your visibility to other road users when driving in the dark and thus increases road safety. When driving on wet roads, our LATZ protects your trouser legs from spray water and dirt.

The trouser strap is made from recycled boat tarpaulin and can be optimally adjusted to your own leg with the help of a high-quality Velcro fastener. It also functions as a stylish and colorful accessory.


Every BAND is a unique piece (Illustration may differ)


  • fabric: recyceled truck tarpaulin, big poster or boat cover
  • No more trouser leg between chain and chainring
  • Reflective strips for more safety
  • length: 47cm, width: 5cm
  • handmade in Berlin in cooperation with sheltered workshops.
  • every BAND is a unique piece (Illustration may differ)

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