Bike carry and protection bag for Compact Bikes / E-Bikes

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Bike / e-bike transportion bag for compact bikes Bag for transporting and storing compact bikes.

It reduces the risk of scratches and impact damage and protects against dust and dirt.

Usage: Open the zippers, lay the bag flat on ground, and push the bike onto it. Then close the all-round splash-proof zipper. Using the 2 carrying straps at the front and back, even compact e-bikes can be easily lifted and carried in the bag by two people.

The bike transportation bag is suitable for all compact bikes with 20-inch tires and XXL compact bikes with or without a motor, for example the models from the brands i:SY, QiO, Riese & Müller, Cube, Velo de Ville and others.

For closing the bag, a rotatable and lowerable stem, on the bike, is required.

Possible uses:

  • Transport on the train:
    On trains where it is either not possible to take bicycles with you or bike transport must be reserved in advance, the compact bike can be taken along as luggage when packed in the transport bag.
  • Transport in mobile homes, e.g. in rear garages or in living areas.
    No contamination of the interior and protection against scratches.
  • Transport on boats or ships on deck with protection from splash water and rain (regular inspection and ventilation required).
  • Protection during longer storage in dusty or dirty places such as open carports or terraces.
    This also makes it possible to store it away from view.
  • Transport on rear racks of motorhomes:
    For this it is necessary to provide the bag with incisions where the tension straps of the wheels and the frame clamp fix the bike to the rack. The result is much more durable and robust protection compared to standard cases and covers.
  • When storing and transporting in wet conditions or unfavorable weather, it is necessary to regularly check for moisture inside the bag, for example due to condensation or condensation.


  • Material: Cordura
  • Color: Black
  • Delivered with transport bag
  • Splash-proof zipper in suitcase quality
  • With two large carrying loops
  • Dimensions: unpacked: length 180cm x height 125cm
  • Dimensions in transport bag: length 40 cm, width 29 cm, thickness 6 cm
  • Weight with bag: 1200g
  • Suitable for compact wheels with 20-inch tires

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