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Bottle-Cage adaptor with that stability you might expect

The Uni-Adapter is an accessory for bicycles that makes it possible to mount the FAHRER UNI BAG, a bottle cage or other accessories on bikeframes where a bottle cage can not attached as useally. This is very useful if your bicycle frame doesn't have a bottle cage threads or if the mounting thread is blocked.

It gets attached to the frame by 2 non-slip Velcro straps. It consists of a plastic holder with two threads and a soft TPU back that flexibly adapts to different shapes. The adapter can be attached to different places on the frame of the bike, such as the seat tube or the head tube.

This Adapter is a practical solution to ensure that you always have a drink bottle with you during your ride, regardless of where the mounting thread for the bottle cage is located.


  • universally attachable
  • tested with circular, koncave and hydroformed tubes with various profiles
  • special shaped TPU-element gives a bit suspension during additional anti-slip-function
  • assembling with anto-slip velcro-strips
  • typical M5-thread distance of 65mm
  • Weight: 28g
  • max recommended load: 1kg
  • Fabric: Plastic and TPU
  • perfect to use our UNIBAG as a flexible-framebag

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