Front Basket fits Brompton and VELLO Folding Bikes (alloy-version)

ultralight Front Basket fits Brompton and VELLO Folding Bikes - made out of alloy

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Ultralight Front Basket fits Brompton and VELLO Folding Bikes

Three years ago we launched it. Hundreds of them are wordwide cruising through the city, helt by it's proud-Folders. Now we finally faced the critic of it's weight (1.300 Gramm). The result: less half the weight - same FAHRER-Berlin quality. Only experts will recognize a difference due to the deplaced decent FAHRER-Branding.

The FRONT BASKET is a practical carrier basket suitable for Brompton folding bikes. Our model suitable for Brompton folding bikes can be easily clicked into place over the carrier block attached to the front and removed again just as quickly. The basket can also remain on the folding bike when folded. The basket can be used to transport all kinds of things such as bags, boxes and groceries. A suitable tensioning strap is available as an accessory to secure the load.


  • If you have the original Brompton lighting, the metal bracket of the front lighting must be bent down slightly to avoid contact.
  • Make sure that when pushing the basket onto the block, the locking hook of the block engages in the corresponding opening of the basket. To do this, push the basket firmly onto the block and, if necessary, move it slightly back and forth sideways. If the locking hook does not engage: Loosen the fastening screw of the plastic hook, push the hook all the way up and tighten the screw again.
    In case, it still doesn't snap in, hardly push on the upper front-pole until it snaps in smoothly.
  • The accuracy of fit is only granted by using the original Brompton carrier block. If you use other carrier blocks, please email us before purchasing so we can check whether your prefered system will work properly.


  • colour: black
  • material: alloy, powdercoated
  • weight: 780 Gramm
  • length: 30 cm
  • width: 40 cm
  • height: 20 cm
  • quickly to attach to the Brompton carrier block
  • fits folded and unfolded
  • max load: 8kg

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