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Mud flap LATZ model Snap

Our LATZ Snap splash guard prevents the whirled up rainwater from getting your shoes, trouser legs or bike trailer wet and dirty when driving on wet roads. The splash guard extends the mudguard at the lower end, as these often do not manage to drain the splash water sufficiently on their own. The next time you drive to the office or on a bike tour, your shoes and trouser legs stay dry. In addition to protecting clothing when riding on wet roads, the LATZ Snap also prevents thrown stones from damaging the paint on the frame.

The splash guard is made from a truck tarpaulin and attached to the lower part of the mudguard as an extension. Thanks to the reinforced material, the splash guard remains dimensionally stable even at higher speeds and against a headwind which makes it ideal for use on e-bikes.


  • Latz E-Plus Snap:
    Fits to bikes with wide tires and mudguards like Riese & Müller E-Bikes
    Fitting to 20"-frontwheels of Cargobikes with wide tires, e.G. Urban Arrow, Riese & Müller and so on
    Length from mounting point: 205mm
  • Latz S-Snap:
    Meant to extend long muduards without Struts on it's end
    Good for Cargobikes with 16" or 20" tires, for example Chike, Butchers & Bicycles etc.
    Great addon for Kids-bikes (Woom, Punky and many others)
    Length from mounting point: 170mm
  • Latz XL-Snap:
    Extreme long - primarily to protect the occupants or cargo of bicycle trailers. Suitable for mudguards with a development width between 70 - 90mm.
    Length from mounting point: 285mm


fits on mudgards with very high nor without strut
Removable clamp attachment on the mudguard independent of the strut position.


  • Color: black
  • Material: truck tarpaulin
  • Reinforced and optimized for use at higher speeds
  • Designed in Berlin
  • Made in cooperation with workshops for people with disabilities
  • Scope of delivery:
    • Mud flap LATZ
    • 1 piece self-adhesive velcro tape
    • stainless tension band

Mounting instructions:

Stick the piece of self-adhesive hook tape horizontally at the desired position on the mudguard. Attach the splash guard, then bend the ends of the stainless steel tape around the edges of the mudguard. Press the bend with a flat tooth so that the tape lies flat on the inside of the mudguard.

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