KICKER - mixed colours

your bikes ballholder

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our ingenious connection between bicycle + ball

We struggled various times bringing the ball to the next field. 'One handed' or 'clamped on the luggage-rack'... well it worked, but it didn't feel cool, to collect my 2nd-most important sports-device from the road after loosing it during an unexpected loose of it. Our idea to develop a simple carrier was born.

Our KICKER is easily attached to the bike with industrial Velcro and keeps your ball safe while you ride. When you arrive at your destination, it can be removed from the bike just as easily. The ball holder can be attached to various places on the bike, such as B. on the top tube or the handlebars.

The KICKER is made of recycled advertisement banner or truck tarpaulin. Now it will lead a new life. The origin makes all KICKER unique.

The manufacture takes place in Berlin, in cooperation with sheltered workshop.


  • Ballholder for your save bikeride
  • colour: mixed
  • fabric: recycled tarpaulin
  • for football size 5, basketball or handball 
  • design and handmade in Berlin

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