When transporting your bike on the roof or rear rack of a vehicle or when storing it for a longer period of time, the individual Components exposed to different weather conditions. Among other things, contaminated eddy water and the heavy hitting rain penetrate during the drive in the brake and shift cable housings or the lever mechanism on the handlebars of the bicycle, which can negatively affect their functionality. Also can the pedals scratch the car or other bicycle when loading and unloading the vehicle. The frame clamp of the bike holder also leaves annoying scratches in the frame.

What do I need the transport protection for?

We focus on maintaining the functionality of your bike during transport or storage. As an experienced manufacturer in In the area of ​​bicycle and e-bike accessories, we have developed products for the optimal protection of your city bike. Made from high quality neoprene and waterproof nylon manufactured articles protect the components on the handlebars from the weather and damage to the vehicle during loading and unloading. The bike can be comfortable and can be transported carefree to its destination, where it arrives undamaged and is ready for the next excursion. For driving on wet roads we recommend the Use of the BUXE It reduces the risk of your trouser legs being soiled by whirled up splashing water.

What should you watch out for when using the products?

The TRANSPORT SCRATCH PROTECTION SET adapts to different sizes of the pedals and the Tube diameter of the frame. The HANDLEBAR HOOD XL is suitable for a handlebar width of max. 85 cm.