On a rainy day, the anticipation of the imminent bike ride to go shopping or to work mostly remains on the Route. The saddle is wet and the mudguards cannot adequately hold off the thrown up rainwater during the ride, which causes clothing and the following Bike traffic can get wet and dirty. In addition, the children transported in the bicycle trailer are not spared from splashing water.

So that on rainy days when driving on a wet road surface you can get on your city bike with joy and with clean clothes When you arrive at your destination, we have developed the perfect accessories.

Which products does the rain cover include?

The product range of our rain protection includes various items to protect clothing from being blown up by splashing water on the front and rear wheel as well as the protection of the saddle. As an effective mudguard extension, we offer our LATZ in different widths and designs. On the rear wheel, the BUXE for clothing protection. You can use the chain with the HÜLSE to protect from dirty water. The saddle is protected from rain with the CAP. In the future, there will be no more questions about how to store the wet cloth after the saddle has dried.