Bicycle lights should be part of the basic equipment of a city bike. On the one hand, when driving in the dark, it illuminates the path and to the to others you will be better noticed by other road users. Various lighting systems are approved for use in road traffic in Germany. Dynamo, rechargeable and battery-operated lighting systems can be used in different light intensities. If the luggage rack is already installed on the bike, a Larger lighting systems due to the design make it more difficult to transport luggage or damage the lighting system. In addition, it is often for reasons of appearance or space there is no need to install a lighting system.

So that you are safe on your bike in twilight and dark, we have specially designed our double rack luggage rack in cooperation with the manufacturer SON developed a unique clamping mechanism for the SON rear light. The high-quality tail light integrates elegantly into the minimalist Luggage rack and contributes to a modern and reduced design of the bike.