If the bike is left outdoors for a long period of time or is transported on a vehicle, then the components such as B. the handles and the shift and brake cables exposed to different weather conditions, which is why increased maintenance is necessary. Especially in the The city bike must always be ready for use and reliable in everyday life. As an experienced manufacturer of bicycle and e-bike accessories, we have the optimal handlebar protection for you City bike developed.

What is the effect of using the HANDLEBAR GUARD?

The range of HANDLEBAR PROTECTION includes products that cover the entire handlebars or just the handles of your bike Protect the weather. The products made of high-quality and waterproof nylon effectively preserve the individual components on the handlebars Rain, driving rain when transporting by car and dirt. The service life of the shift and brake cables is increased and maintenance costs are reduced. Around To avoid damage when loading and unloading the vehicle, it is advisable to use our transport-protection-kit.

For which handlebars are the products from the HANDLEBAR PROTECTION range suitable?

Our range includes items such as the HANDLEBAR HOOD and GRIFFIS. Depending on the version, they are suitable for use on bicycles with a handlebar width of max. 85 cm.