The bicycle chain is exposed to constant stress due to the force of the rider and the various weather conditions. If When driving in the rain, over sandy ground or on asphalt, dirt particles stick to the oil film of a chain over time, which increases the wear of the chain. In the case of a derailleur, the chain must also ensure a smooth and smooth gear change, which puts additional strain on it. When driving on a wet The road surface gets contaminated spray from the rear wheel onto the chain. The material wear increases and the maintenance effort is increased. But clothing can also get through soiled contact with the chain.

What is the chain guard used for?

The covered chain is effectively protected from external environmental influences such as rain, contaminated splash water and sand. Also will the trousers are protected from contact with the oiled chain in the area of ​​the installed chain guard. Depending on the version and compatibility, the chain guard on a bicycle can be used with hub or derailleur gears. We recommend using our for optimal protection of the trouser legs TROUSER BAND . The ribbons are not only practical but also a modern and stylish accessory by choosing from different designs.