In everyday life and on bike tours, the storage space on the bike can quickly become tight. It's a little too big for the backpack or for the shopping Baggage planned for the excursion is too much. The selection and combination of rear and front luggage racks enables a high load and at the same time relieves the back. The balanced weight distribution on both sides of the rear wheel carrier ensures a good balance while driving and loads the carrier evenly.

What types of luggage racks are there in the shop?

We have luggage racks for different types of bikes and tire sizes. These include narrow and minimalist Rear rack for 26 and 28 inch bikes as well as front rack for 28 inch bikes and the Brompton folding bike. Our range also includes the Bag carrier for the Bullitt cargo bike. The beams made of stainless steel or steel have a low weight and their design is reduced to a minimum. In this way, they fit into the look of your bike in a restrained and stylish manner.

While the bike bags are attached to the side of the rear wheel carrier, a handlebar bag can also be attached to the T with a front rack carrier to be parked. This provides the bag with additional support. Our front carriers are all with the FSX Standard system compatible, which makes the bike bags BOTE and GANOVE without plastic holder can be transported on the luggage rack. In addition, accessories such as lighting and lashing straps, but also complete sets are available.

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