Luggage racks for the rear wheel offer valuable storage space on the bike. Whether for transporting the bag to the office, shopping or that Luggage for the next bike trip, it can be used in many ways. Can comfortably luggage carrier bag attached to the sides of the carrier and transported the cargo to its destination. That saves your back and makes the journey even more comfortable.

Which luggage racks for the rear wheel are there in the shop?

We have developed light and elegant luggage racks for bicycles with 26- and 28-inch wheels that blend in with the restrained and stylish Fit the overall look of your bike. The rear wheel carriers made of steel or stainless steel have a low weight and are nevertheless robust. The slim design enables the bag to be held on both sides. Luggage carrier bags like the KURIER - fix / colorful unique items , or other bags can be attached with an appropriate fastening system.