Front luggage racks are a useful addition to a rear wheel carrier, as they create additional transport options on the bike. They also ensure a good balance of the bike. A front luggage rack can also be used independently of the use of a rack above the rear wheel. It is ideally suited for supporting large handlebar or front pockets as well as for transporting two side-mounted luggage carrier bags, such as the KURIER - mini fix / tarpaulin . In addition, the luggage always remains in view.

Which front luggage racks are there in the shop?

We have developed front luggage racks for bicycles with 26 and 28 inch tires. They are made of steel or stainless steel, which means they have a low weight, but are robust and durable. The front carriers are equipped with the FSX Standard system and therefore with the pockets GANOVE and BOTE compatible. The bags have a flap on the back that is pulled over the front carrier and thus gives it support.

The design of the front luggage rack is reduced to a minimum, so that the rack is barely noticeable and stylishly integrated into the overall appearance of your bike. You will also find matching straps for the straps in this category. They also secure the load and also enable cardboard boxes or small boxes to be transported.