A luggage rack can accommodate even more cargo than is already the case. For larger pieces of luggage, the Optimally suitable loading area. For smaller cargo, however, the necessary securing elements are often missing, so that the load cannot be adequately secured. So can Things like tools, provisions or important documents conveniently in bike bags like the one KURIER , stowed away and attached to the luggage rack. This also relieves the back.

Which luggage racks are there for my Bullitt?

You will find different carrier systems for the Bullitt in our online shop. From the Solo bag carrier on the front of the rear wall of the load up to the 26-inch rear luggage rack for two side-mounted bags. The luggage racks are made of high quality and robust stainless steel, whereby they have a low weight. The design has been reduced to a minimum, so that the luggage rack is barely noticeable and stylishly integrated into the overall picture of the Bullitt integrated. You will also find matching straps for the straps in this category.