The compact Brompton folding bike is a space saver. It offers the option of adding both a rear and a front luggage rack assemble. This makes using the Brompton in everyday life or on vacation even more attractive. In this category we have put together products with which you can bring the Brompton create more storage space. Load securing is also taken care of.

Which luggage racks are there for the Brompton in the shop?

We have developed a robust and mobile front rack especially for the Brompton. The luggage rack is simply attached to the Brompton Carrier block clicked in and removed again just as quickly. He offers both a box and bags BOTE and GANOVE place. These have after FSX Standard system on the back a suitable strap for attachment to the luggage rack. So there is no plastic hook rail that bothers you when you carry it. The use of a luggage rack not only creates more load, it relieves the back and avoids one uncomfortable sweating due to lack of ventilation through a backpack.