Video instructions FAHRER products

Our products are very easy to assemble and use. For visual clarification, we have provided a few tips here as a video.

The battery protection avoids less capacity during the colder month and keeps your battery protected from the elements.

It prevents the lateral splashing of water and dirt from the mudguard.

Cap made of elastic Neoprene for covering the pin unit of e-bikes when battery is taken off.

Our front carrier can be easily mounted on 28 inch wheels with brake hole in the front fork and offers the possibility to fix our crooks, the courier mini fix or a basket.

The BOTE is an elegant backpack, made of recycled polyester material with a waterproof PU coating. It attaches easily to our Brompton front track and to the classic front carrier.

The DISPLAY SLEEVE is a universal sleeve for transporting your taken off e-bike display. Made of upholstered material with scratch-avoiding inner lining, Fits all display sizes. To store when riding simply wrap sleeve around stem.

Always everything at hand: The E-bag is a padded nylon carrying bag to carry your battery, charger, display and further accessoires. The bag is made of high quality polyester and the bottom is padded with neopren. The E-bag has 3 seperate compartments to keep your bag well organised.

The FAHRER saddle cover is waterproof, extremely rugged, can be mounted very easy and looks smart. Made from high quality Nylon in cooperation with shelterd workshops.

Our ball holder is the ingenious connection between driving bicycle and playing football.

The bag has a large main compartment and 3 small slide-in pockets, of which two are inside the bag and one is outside.

The KONSUM is an elegant and useful shopping bag which can be easy mounted to your bicycle rack.

The bag is expandable in width and usable in both ways: Closed it is slim, doesn't cause air resistance and carries goods like magazines or laptops. Extended the integrated folding plates stabilize its form and the KURIER offer space for daily carrying challenge.

In the past mud flaps were commonplace in cycling. Today it is rare to find. We like to reactivate this useful accessoire for daily purpose.

The handlebar cover protects your E-Bike handlebar from dirt, dust and rain during transport and storage. It is easy to mount and weights less than 100 gramm.

The MOTOR COVER fits all e-bikes with center motor. Because of its shape and the use of flexible neopren the cover fits very well. The motor is protected from abrasion or rubbing

Cap made of elastic cellular rubber for covering handle bar remote control units or mini displays like Bosch Purion. Protects from weather, freezing, dirt and damage.

The FAHRER SPITZEL (engl. snitch) is the most elegant way to travel with your Phone by bike.