Methods of payment

Payment in Advance

If you wish to pay via advanced payment please transfer the amount with the transmitted order number to the give account information. In case of advance payment / transfer, the delivery will take place only after the final amount of the order has been credited to the account of FAHRER Berlin GmbH.

Please note that in case of payment by bank transfer, all bank charges are the responsibility of the client.


Pay quickly and more securely with just an email address and password or mobile number and PIN.

Credit Card / Direct Debit

With Paypal Plus we offer an easily and secure payment method. You can settle your payment by credit card or direct debit without having a paypal account.

KLARNA Sofortüberweisung

When paying via Klarna Sofort you can make the payment directly during your order comfortably via your online banking account.
Using the secure payment form, which is not accessible to merchants, automatically and in real time places a transfer in your bank account. The purchase amount will be transferred directly to the bank account of FAHRER Berlin GmbH.

To use you only need

  • a bank account activated for the online banking procedure
  • your account number and bank code
  • the PIN (personal identification number) and TAN (transaction number) of your online banking account
  • if necessary, further information, which you may need for online banking depending on your bank, can be found at