The folding bike is the ideal means of transportation for commuters who use various modes of transport on their way to work but still don't use them want to do without the bike. Folded up quickly and to save space, there is space everywhere. Due to its compact size and light weight, it is also very comfortable to use. But the folding bike is also convincing on vacation. However, the optimal accessories really round off the cycling experience.

What accessories are there for my folding bike?

So that your folding bike lacks nothing, we have developed a wide variety of products especially for this purpose. From the handle, which noticeably increases wearing comfort, from rain and splash protection to different luggage racks and bags, almost nothing is left to be desired. Added The offer is made up of carefully compiled ADVANTAGE SETS and exclusive BROMPTON ACCESSORIES .

bicycle: Brompton / helmet: Cratoni "Commuter" / Backpack: FAHRER-Berlin "BOTE"