As passionate cyclists, we know how uncomfortable it can be in rain or snow on a two-wheeler. By the whirled up Splashed water will get your shoes and pant legs wet and dirty. But a wet saddle or wet grips after a shopping spree are also uncomfortable. In addition the weather influences the attachments over time.

What products are there for rain protection?

We have developed various products to protect your folding bike from the elements, such as rain, snow and dirt. The Handles and the saddle are reliably protected when the bike is parked outdoors or during transport. After removing the rain cover, you can start your journey start right away. The handle provides more comfort when carrying the folding bike HÄNDEL . Our splash guard helps you reach your destination with dry shoes and trouser legs when driving on wet roads.

Bicycle: Brompton / Helmet: Cratoni COMMUTER / Backpack: DRIVER Berlin BOTE