The HÄNDEL handle makes it easier to carry the folding bike or classic bike. Bicycles are a practical companion in everyday life. But there are also moments when they are impractical. Your bike has to go up the stairs to the apartment or to the platform, but it can be a chore grab and carry.

What are the advantages of a handle?

The handle for the folding bike or bicycle with classic round frame tubes enables comfortable gripping and carrying. The out The existing carrying handle for the truck tarpaulin has a non-slip rubber coating. When carried, it ensures a low center of gravity, which is easy on the back. Of the Integrated case handle protects against pressure points and lies comfortably in the hand even when the bike is packed. The HÄNDEL is available in the Brompton or Universall variants. you Luggage can be safely stored in during the journey stow BICYCLE BAGS.

Bicycle: Brompton / Helmet: Cratoni COMMUTER / Backpack: DRIVER Berlin BOTE