In everyday life and on vacation, storage space on the folding bike can quickly become scarce. Having a suitable bag on hand is an advantage here. The Luggage can be easily stowed away and the bag can be carried comfortably on the body or attached to the luggage rack.

Which bags are there in the shop?

We offer the optimal equipment for different areas of application in different designs - from the small belt or Handlebar bag with shoulder strap for wallet and keys to shoulder bags and rucksacks. The latter can thanks to the FSX Standard system can also be attached to the front carrier of the folding bike and transported. The back is relieved and annoying sweating due to the lack of ventilation on the back is avoided.

What's behind the FSX standard system?

In the system developed by us, the bag and the front carrier are perfectly matched to one another. The bag has a cross flap on the back that extends over the carrier is pushed and the bag is thus fixed. It is therefore fastened without a plastic mounting system, which could interfere with carrying it away from the bike. For the Brompton folding bike we offer complete sets at a special price.

Bicycle: Brompton / Helmet: Cratoni COMMUTER / Backpack: DRIVER Berlin BOTE