The bike should be stored or taken on vacation, but unwanted scratches occur as soon as the car is loaded. At this point, the pedals can scratch the car or other bike. But the frame clamp of the bike holder can also leave annoying scratches in the frame. As passionate cyclists, we know how annoying scratches and damage to the paintwork can be. We develop and produce bicycle and e-bike accessories and also support you in protecting your e-bike during transport.

What is the transport scratch protection set?

The TRANSPORT SCRATCH PROTECTION SET is made of high quality neoprene and protects other bikes and that with the pedal overshoes Vehicle from damage during loading and unloading. The protective underlay reduces scuff marks and damage to the frame. During transport, the cockpit of the e-bike with our handlebar cover protected from the elements.

On which bikes can the set be used?

The TRANSPORT SCRATCH PROTECTION SET adapts to different sizes of the pedals and the Tube diameter of the frame. .