If the e-bike is transported on the train or in a vehicle, then the display and the battery (when transported on a vehicle) be removed. Otherwise the display or the battery could be damaged or lost. As a passionate cyclist and many years of experience as a For manufacturers in the field of bicycle and e-bike accessories, it is important to us that the functionality of your e-bike is maintained. At the same time we support a comfortable and ensure safe transport of the removable e-bike components. For transport on a vehicle, we also recommend using one Motor Cover.

What are the transport bags suitable for?

The various products in our transport bags enable the storage and protection of e-bike components away from the bike. In the pockets z. B. battery, display, charger and other accessories can be transported. This means that all things stay together and can be safely taken to the seat on the train be taken.

In addition, a second separate battery can be safely stored in a bag on the bike to increase the range on longer bike trips. The The charger is used outdoors through a waterproof bag, which means that the battery can be charged while mobile and protected.