Since 2012 we have been developing and producing accessory products such as battery, motor and screen protectors for e-bikes and are therefore considered to be the pioneers in this area. The components for operating the e-bike are stronger during transport on a vehicle due to the higher travel speed More exposed to environmental influences than when driving normally. The handlebar remote control can be damaged by heavy impact from rainwater or by falling rocks.

What is the remote unit cover?

Our REMOTE UNIT COVER, made of high quality neoprene, protects the handlebar remote control of the e-bike during the Transports from environmental influences. These include above all driving rain and eddy water, but also falling rocks. You can also use the cover to protect the Use contact base with detachable displays.

Which handlebar remote controls does the Remot Unit Cover fit?

The DRIVER REMOTE UNIT COVER is suitable for e-bikes with a handlebar remote control or a mini display from manufacturers such as Bosch, Shimano Steps, Yamaha and others.