When transporting the e-bike on the rear or roof rack of a vehicle, the display and the battery should be removed to avoid the risk of falling or Minimize component damage. The connection contacts for the battery are exposed to weather influences such as rain, dirt and freezing when it is removed exposed. For this reason, the connection contacts should be protected as much as possible during transport or when the e-bike is parked. We develop and have been producing e-bike accessories since 2012 and know that the effects of the weather affect the function of the components when transporting an e-bike on a vehicle can. That is why we offer you the best protection to keep your e-bike working properly. In addition, we recommend a motor cover for the transport of the bike.

What is the Electric Cap?

The ELECTRIC CAP is a cap made of elastic neoprene to cover the connection contacts when the battery is removed. It protects against rain, freezing, Dirt and damage and thus preserves the functionality of the contacts.

Which battery connector is the contact protection compatible with?

Our range includes protective covers for connection contacts for frame and luggage rack batteries from Bosch, Shimano and Yamaha.