As passionate cyclists, we know that the individual components of an e-bike are more exposed to the weather when being transported in a vehicle exposed than during normal driving. We have been dedicated to e-bike accessories since 2012 and develop and manufacture products such as motor, display and battery protection. When transporting or parking the e-bike, it is advisable to remove the display from the handlebars, otherwise it will be lost or stolen can be. So that it does not have to be transported in the bag without protection, we have developed the protective screen cover. The case can be used for storage while driving simply wrapped around the handlebar or frame.

What is the screen protector?

The products from the screen protector series offer the display and on-board computer protection from external weather conditions as well Damage when transporting the display removed from the e-bike. This means that the on-board computer can protect the on-board computer from rain, dirt and Freeze-proof or safely transported in a bag.

With which display and on-board computer are the products from the display protection compatible?

The products in this category match the display and on-board computer from the manufacturers Bosch Intuvia, Shimano Steps, Yamaha and others with similarly sized displays.