In this category you will find various complete sets for panniers. We already have on the carefully put together sets thought everything. So for you it only means: Mount the add-on parts on the bike and enjoy the advantages of bike bags. The driving pleasure increases immediately. You will receive the sets at a special price and save at least 10% compared to the individual prices.

Which products do the benefit sets include?

Choosing an accessory set saves you having to search for the individual products and offers a convenient complete solution for each Intended use. Here you will find various bag carrier sets for the front and rear wheel. Our bags are made from recycled materials such as polyester and Truck tarpaulin produced. This gives them an individual look, makes them durable and waterproof. Our sporty and robust rear luggage racks are suitable for 26- and 28-inch Impellers. Complete sets, consisting of a bag and a front rack, are also available for the Brompton folding bike and classic bikes