As avid cyclists, we know about the problem of splashing water when driving on a wet road. We have a An effective splash guard has been developed that protects the frame and the steering linkage of the cargo bike and puts a smile on the face of the following bicycle traffic. When the cargo bike is turned into a trailer with a trailer, it is also effectively protected from dirty water and thrown stones. The battery of the Protect e-cargo bikes with the battery protection ideal from cold and scratches. This means you can achieve a greater range on cool days.

How is the splash guard used?

The LATZ tip protector made from truck tarpaulin serves as an extension of the mudguard, thereby draining off the dirty water directly. The reinforced material remains dimensionally stable even in headwinds and at high speed. This means that the splash guard is also ideally suited for use E-cargo bikes. In our range, the LATZ is available in various models for a mudguard width of 40-75 mm .