The protection of the cockpit of a cargo bike protects components such as the handles, gear and brake cables from moisture and Dirt when the bike is not in use and outdoors. In front of an e-cargo bike, the electronic components can be effectively protected from rain.

What is the effect of using the HANDLEBAR PROTECTION?

Due to its size and weight, a cargo bike is often in the open air and cannot easily be, like a normal bike, be carried up to the apartment. This is why the handlebar protection is particularly useful for cargo bikes. The attachments are protected from dirt and rain and the journey can start with dry hands. If the bikes are also equipped with an electric drive, the display or the handlebar remote control are in front of the outside Protected from the elements. This increases the service life of the add-on parts and reduces maintenance costs. The helps when driving on wet roads MUD FLAP for dry shoes and trouser legs.