As a rule, the electronics of an e-bike do not mind being exposed to the various weather conditions, since they are necessary for use on Bike have been designed accordingly. When driving in the cold season, however, the low temperatures can reduce the range of the e-bike battery, as the Increased self-discharge. When discharging, the battery produces heat that is released to the outside via the housing. This means that the optimum operating temperature cannot be achieved can be obtained.

How is the battery cover inserted?

Our battery protection consists of high-quality and flexible neoprene, which envelops the battery and thus its operating temperature when driving preserved on cold days. This reduces self-discharge and leads to a longer range with the e-bike. The AKKU COVER also protects against stone chips. Products For optimal protection of the cockpit of your cargo bike, see the section HANDLEBAR PROTECTION


If the bike is parked outdoors with the battery plugged in, the self-heating is generally insufficient to keep the battery in optimal condition Bring operating temperature. The greatest effect is achieved when the battery is stored at room temperature, charged and only just before driving off with the cover Bike is plugged in. In this way, the internal temperature and self-heating can be increased with the aim of increasing the range compared to a cold and unprotected battery can be used optimally.

For which e-bike batteries are the neoprene protectors suitable?

We offer suitable BATTERY COVER for frame and luggage rack batteries from Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha and other manufacturers.