In everyday life and on bike tours, storage space on the bike can quickly become scarce. The cargo bike offers a lot more here Space available. But how should the luggage be transported safely and securely on the bike? We offer the right equipment for different areas of application. So you can give the loading area of ​​your cargo bike a simple level or an open or closed pocket. In addition, depending on the equipment of the bike Pannier bags can be transported in which items that are quickly accessible on the tour can be stowed. A luggage rack can in most cases can be retrofitted, also at BULLITT .

What are the properties of the bags?

Our bags consist mainly of recycled truck tarpaulins, nylon and tarpaulin materials, which are available in one color or as unique items. The use of high quality materials makes the bags durable, robust and waterproof. This makes them ideal for regular use, such as the Transportation of shopping or luggage on a trip. Matching bags for the cargo area of ​​the cargo bike increase the versatility in the transport of small to large Objects.