BUXE - rear wheel splash guard

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The BUXE is an effective rear wheel splash guard.

When riding on a rain-soaked road to work or on a bike tour, mudguards keep out most of the rainwater that is stirred up. However, the dirty water usually splashes out of the sides of the mudguards, which is why your trouser legs and shoes get wet and dirty. The BUXE is a splash guard for the rear wheel that prevents the swirled-up rainwater from splashing out of the side of the mudguard. So you arrive comfortably with clean and dry trouser legs at the office or at the destination of your bike tour. Our CAP protects your saddle from rain showers and ensures a dry bottom when you get on your bike.

The BUXE is made of a stretch material, which allows it to be mounted on bicycle mudguards of wheel sizes from 24 to 28 inches. It is attached with two loops built into the sides of the BUXE, which are hooked onto the bolts of the luggage or mudguard eyelets. A tension strip is incorporated in the centre of the rear mudguard, which stabilises the shape and at the same time ensures a firm hold on the mudguard.


Protection against water splashing from the side of the rear wheel
Keeps trouser legs and shoes dry and clean
Fits mudguards of wheel sizes from 24 - 28 inches


Material: stretch fabric
Colour: black
Weight: approx. 40 g


To begin with, the tension strip is inserted into the stretch material. Then the fastening screws of the luggage rack or mudguard are unscrewed and screwed back in using the supplied hook washers as washers. The tongues of the washers point backwards in the direction of travel. The BUXE is placed with the tension strip lengthwise on the mudguard and the fastening loops are hooked onto the hook plates.

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