Luggage carrier bags are an excellent companion for commuting to work, shopping or luggage for a bike tour. With us you will find Bags for front and rear luggage carrier. When attached to the luggage rack, they offer plenty of storage space and are easily accessible. Our luggage carrier bags are made from recycled materials, such as truck tarpaulins and tarpaulin, manufactured. This gives them a unique look and makes them a highlight on your bike or e-bike. The choice of materials also makes them robust and waterproof.

Which bag systems are there for my bike?

Since the demands on a pannier bag depend on how it is used, we have different bags for different purposes developed. Be it the collapsible shopping bag with a capacity of 11 liters, the shoulder bag for the laptop or the classic luggage bag KURIER MINI fix or KURIER fix with a capacity of 10 or 18 liters - you will find the right one with us. The bags not only offer additional storage space, they also take care of it separate compartments for order and also relieve the back. Reflectors ensure more safety when driving in the dark.

The pannier bags also cut a fine figure off the bike thanks to a shoulder strap and can be shouldered comfortably. Also enable attached to the side or on top of the carrier, they ensure optimal weight distribution and thus contribute to good riding behavior on a bicycle or e-bike. Depending on The bags are designed with a hook fastening system or the FSX Standard for attachment to a luggage rack.

On the picture: Cannondale Mavaro Neo