Key rings are a practical and elegant companion. They keep the keys together and keep things tidy. It happens quickly that the key slips down in the pocket or rucksack and can no longer be grasped. A courageous grip on the key ring is enough and that's it Key back at hand. The pendant thus helps to find the key and is also a stylish accessory.

What types of key rings can I find in this category?

With our tags, you can easily distinguish your key from others at first glance. The recycled materials like Truck tarpaulins and advertising banners give the lanyards an unmistakable appearance and make each one unique. Designed and handcrafted in Berlin they are ideal as a gift or for your own keychain. The logo application make the pendants a real eye-catcher. There are different models in different designs available. Other everyday objects, such as the wallet, the replacement tube or the multitool, can be stored in the compact frame bag KOMPLIZE stow away.