The journey to work or on a bike trip occasionally leads over a wet road. The mudguards of the bike can often get in the way of the annoying splashing water Do not hold back, as a result of which the shoes, pant legs or the following bicycle traffic get wet and dirty. This is also the case when driving with a trailer exposed to direct water spray from the rear wheel.

What is the mud flap used for?

Our LATZ mud flap extends the mudguard and directs away the splashed water that is thrown up. This will help you achieve the goal dry shoes and trouser legs. In addition, the towed trailer and the following bicycle traffic are protected from thrown up dirty water. The one out The splash guard made from truck tarpaulin is reinforced and retains its shape even at higher speeds. To avoid the pants coming into contact with the bicycle chain, you can on chain guard .

For which mudguards is the LATZ suitable?

Our LATZ is available in different versions for mudguards with a width of 70 to a maximum of 90 mm (Latz E-Plus).